Tube Spy Review


Tubespy Review


This, in essence, is the best YouTube keyword research tool available on the market. The fact that it was created by a relatively new marketer gives me hope that I will one day create a kick ass piece of software that others could use. But I digress. 

Given the fact that I am now making YouTube a main part of all my marketing, this was a no-brainer.

Everything I do involves YouTube. If you are not YouTube marketing in some way…then shame on you ;)

I have been able to rank local client videos, which then of course I pass back to my clients sites; I have also been able to rank several affiliate offers on the first page within the first day. In some other cases it took a couple of weeks, but they got ranked none the less.

Now with this little app I am able to scour YouTube for my relevant keywords and pull back information on what is already ranking under those keywords. It also helps generate additional keywords that I should be including in my marketing campaigns.

This is truly a time saver and highly recommended tool in any marketers toolbox. It doesn’t matter if you are an affiliate marketer or a local marketing consultant.




The price of this offer is simply RIDICULOUS! I will have to write about that in a future post. Trust me, I have paid way too much for pieces of crap software.

Buy it now and thank me later.

Check out the features:

Best Youtube Keyword Research Tool